SPN: Home and Asylum

Mar 09, 2011 22:14

Yanno, I guess I should have guessed the main subject of this show, given the title, but I really am not all that interested in hauntings, spirits, or poltergeists. Really I am not. Can we have another wendigo, please?

By and large, this seems to be a smarter show than the X-Files, but the X-Files dealt with a much more interesting variety of phenomena. I'm more interested in weird than ghostly - actual zombified psychiatrists with brain-frying capacities, rather than just ectoplasmic manifestations thereof.

Also, this whole "John Winchester is hiding from his sons for reasons completely unexplained, which is coincidentally very useful for dragging out the plot" thing is getting old.

On to the episodes!

Am already enjoying how the show explains itself via other pop culture - a Vulcan mind meld in "Skin," A Shining reference here.

Man alive, Jensen Ackles can do the wet eyes and the teary voice like nobody's business. Wow. I was a little iffy on some of the acting early on, but now I am sold, you guys.

On the one hand, Missouri Mosely is the Magical Negro and the Sassy Black Woman rolled into one; on the other, it's awfully hard to dislike her, especially when she keeps ruffling Dean's feathers. Plus, it's lovely to see the boys working with someone else for a change, and also she's the first evidence we've seen that the supernatural is anything but 100% nasty.

I'm a tidge confused about why Mary Winchester's spirit was still hanging around the house after all this time. Did she come back from the beyond specifically to protect the house, or had she been there all along, or what? Do spirits not go off into a white light in this universe? Does everybody have a spirit, or only dead people? Is it like a soul, eternal, or does it usually wink out of existence upon death?

No doubt the show will answer me these questions eventually.

Also, hmm, Sammy the psychic. Eeeenteresting. Also alliterative!

Hands down the plain scariest episode so far. Scary dead-people make-up, decrepit insane asylum, freaky instruments of psychiatric torture, VINYL CURTAINS. I mean. Quite effective.

Naturally I was quite tickled that the silly guy was appalled at the idea of being able to shoot a shotgun, but his girlfriend knew how.

Loved the bit where Sam had to trade the psychiatrist emotional honesty for info. I almost expected the psychiatrist to be evil, too, but it was not so. I expect we'll get deeper into Sam's anger issues later on.

DEAN points to the shotgun loaded with rock salt
DEAN: You know that won't kill me.
SAM: No. [Shoots him.] But it'll hurt like hell.

So, fannish consensus requested: was that a shout-out to Darla's lines in "Angel"? I mean, they're not so distinctive a person couldn't come up with them independently, and yet. I'm inclined to say it was intentional.

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