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Sep 03, 2010 16:51

I'm only a little bit late to the party this time. The show is excellently cast and has a fabulous score. I'm really liking the John/Sherlock friendship, as well as the hinted-at potential of seeing some actual character growth (as opposed to the last Holmes-analogue, House"Study in Pink" is glorious fun with great writing at both plot level. Alas ( Read more... )

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snickfic September 3 2010, 23:56:54 UTC
Are those... penguins in your icon? Really?

Thank you for the links!


ladyofthelog September 4 2010, 00:00:39 UTC

Most welcome - glad I can share the love. :D


penny_lane_42 September 4 2010, 16:49:14 UTC
Excellence! I knew you'd like it! I agree with you totally--especially about "The Blind Banker." It's very not-good. I would warn you, though: the last episode doesn't reach the great levels of the first one, but I think it's solid. Or maybe it just felt that way after how bad "TBB" was....

I don't remember if I had squee? Lemme check.

Here's my tag for it, but there's nothing much there.


snickfic September 4 2010, 20:09:19 UTC
I watched The Great Game last night. It had good points, definitely, and hey, I remembered reading a Holmes story about the five pips! (Although at the time I was utterly mystified about what pips were, and the story never explained.) Definitely not as brilliant as the first, but not dismal.

This first series is a great demonstration of how much a difference writing makes. I'm going to force "A Study in Pink" on everyone I know and I'd be a rabid fan of any show that maintained that level of excellence, whereas I wouldn't even bother with a show the quality of TBB. There are plenty of those already.

So, Steven Moffat: continue to be brilliant, please!


penny_lane_42 September 4 2010, 20:26:57 UTC
Yup, that's how I felt. Ha! Pips! I probably would have been very confused, too! I haven't read that one, though.

This first series is a great demonstration of how much a difference writing makes.

Exactly! It almost makes me wish he'd waited till after he was done with Doctor Who to even do Sherlock at all because if he'd written all three? I think this would become legendary.


snickfic September 4 2010, 20:33:16 UTC
I think it's possible that first one will become legendary anyway.

And, hey! You know how you and ladyofthelog were talking about asexual!Sherlock? I followed one of her rec links and ended up reading such a fic, from which someone took a quote and made an icon that I think I must have. It reads, "I'm BORED, and your porn is BORING."

I can think of so many uses for that...


anonymous September 5 2010, 18:19:49 UTC
Where are you finding this show?



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