My How to Succeed experience (with some pics)

Jan 26, 2012 23:04

Leaving this as an open post cause some ppl not on my flist would like to read it:

(this isn't my pic though! But I couldn't get back far enough to get it all in one pic)

So, we headed off this week to catch Nick's opening night in How to Succeed...and here's a REALLY long recap with some pics.

Reignjonas and I each flew in to NYC on Monday, although due to the insane crazy weather we didn't get out of the airport until after 4PM. We headed to our hotel, then a few other friends (although they were Joe Hoes, they were still excited to see Nick) gathered into our hotel room to watch Nick's Cambio chat. We probably looked kind of funny...6 of us gathered around 3 laptops watching Nick Jonas. LOL!

Then to celebrate reinjonas's birthday(which was that week) we headed over to Nick's favorite place to eat in NYC to have dinner, John's Pizzeria (if only we knew they'd all be there the NEXT night!! Such was our luck this trip!) If you are in NYC and get a chance to eat it. The baked ziti was quite amazing!

The next day it was finally Nick's opening night!! But first we were on a Joe mission! We headed down to Soho only to find out Joe had left the hotel about 5 minutes before we got there!! We walked around Soho for a bit, then decided to head to Chelsea for lunch, and maybe we'd run into Nick out walking around (maybe with Elvis!) We headed to Chelsea Market, had gourmet hamburgers for lunch, kinda flirted with the cute waiter, and I spent way too much buying awesome cupcakes and brownies at two stores I saw on Food Network. We decided to head back to the hotel to get ready, but walking down the street I saw a store that sells puppies so we stopped in for some puppy bonding time. I picked the quietest French Bulldog puppy out but once we got into the play area he turned into a maniac. An adorable maniac, but a maniac!! I forgot how much puppies love to untie shoes.

The devious puppy--he looks like he's resting his chin on my hand. He's actually trying to eat my ring:

We got to the hotel and all got dressed up in our finery (we were kind of glamming it up since it was opening night for Nick) and headed to the theater early to hopefully see Nick arriving. There was quite a big crowd outside the stage door, and we stood around for a while before finding out Nick was already inside! Whoops!!

We headed in to find our seats...we had sprung for the premium seats, so we were 4th row, dead center. The seats were AMAZING. We had better seats than the Jonas family even! I turned around and saw Joe, he was like 8 rows behind us. We were so close to the stage. Seriously, Nick was like right there. I had a moment of concern when he hoisted up over the audience because my dress was cut kinda lower than I normally wear and if he decided to look down...well, he'd be looking right down my dress at that angle! LOL!

Our seats opening night:

Nick did an amazing job. At first, it sounded like he was a little drowned out by the music, but that could have been the microphone. But he was so super charming, and he really became Finch exactly as I envisioned him. When you're watching him....he's not Nick Jonas. His dancing was decent. We all know he's not a trained dancer, but he was right there keeping up, and while some of his moves didn't POP like DanRad's, I honestly think that's just because they have different builds--Nick just has a different body/center of gravity than Dan. But Grand Old Ivy is a crazy physical routine, and he kept up there (although I was a little afraid he was gonna keel over at the end!) There is a part in that dance that will have those of you who see it dying with laughter (think slow motion.)

And what can you say about Nick's voice other than it was on point. His singing was really, really, really good. Like, anyone who has ever said he doesn't have a good voice, has a whiny voice,'ll probably have to reconsider that. It was sooooo beautiful, and this is a show that doesn't require great singing but he did it. I need that EP TODAY! He got a HUGE standing ovation at the end, and it was well deserved.

The rest of the cast did a great job. Michael Urie as Bud really stole the show the first night, and he and Nick have awesome chemistry on stage. I wanted more of their scenes. Rosemary was adorable. The Smitty character also had me laughing up a storm. I loved all the costumes too! Beau Bridges was my concern, since I heard he was flubbing all over the place during Darren's run, but he got it together it seemed because he did well also.

For people who wanted souvenirs, I snagged a poster/window card (I think I'll frame it) and a program. They were each $20. Just FYI, the program is basically the DanRad version with a fold out cover of Nick. I don't know if they'll reprint ones with Nick inside or what. Maybe not, just because I think there are interviews & stuff inside it that don't have anything to do with Nick's run, like how the show came about and all. I thought about buying a bow tie, but IDK what I'd do with it. They did have t-shirts with Nick too for people who wanted those.

We went outside to the stage door, but as you can see it was *madness*(although I heard this was calm compared to Darren's so...) :

Michael Urie signing:

So no way we were getting anything.

Next day, Reignjonas and I got up to go get rush tickets for one of the two shows on Wednesday. Now, people had told me that you had to get there early, like at least by 7:30. Now, seeing as Jonas fans sometimes wait outside for hours, we weren't sure what it would be like, so we got there at 7:30. *crickets* That's right, nobody was there! LOL! We got some snacks and waited it out anyway. People were shocked that so few people showed up for rush tickets. We were #1 in line, and got two front row box seats for the evening show. They're marked partial view, but it was basically this view:

So don't discount the rush tickets...for $30 you'll still get a good view. More on that later.

Later that afternoon, we all met up back at the theater again, around 1pm, to see if Nick would stop when he showed up for the matinee. He did, and he stopped to sign. There were maybe 50 people there and people were being well behaved, so he stopped. Some dumb girls in front of us left when he started with the other side of the barricade, so we got right up front. He came over, and was sooo...he's very attractive. He came up and I was afraid Reignjonas would not say it, so I did. I said "Nick, will you please take a picture with my friend because it's her birthday today?" Nick was all "Oh, happy birthday!" and she got a hug and a picture. Then he kinda turned to me, and we just looked at each other for a second, and I was kind of like(in my mind), "Oh, I'm supposed to ask?" while he was kind of like "What would you like?" Or at least that's what his face looked like. So I asked him if I could get a picture, and he said "Sure." He leaned in and put his arm around me, but I had left the zoom like WAYYY in on my camera so while my friend was fixing it we had a minute. I said, "You did a great job last night Nick. We're really looking forward to seeing it again tonight." He said "Aww, thank you so much" and we got the pic and then he did a little back rub/back pat hybrid. We kind stood there for a second just looking at each other like "Is that all?" Nick and I are too awkward around each other apparently...we just spend our time looking at each other like "What?" I said thank you and I moved away so others could get a chance. But nobody was behind me anymore. We stood there while he signed for our friends, then he headed inside. I was off to the side by the door, so as he went in I said "Bye Nick!" but everyone had gotten kind of quiet so he heard me, looked over at me and waved.

Pics of Nick signing:


The whole album is here with a few more pics.

We headed back to Soho just to see if we could run into Joe. There were only like 6 of us out there so we hung out for a couple hours talking and people watching...but we were freezing our asses off. The security guards were pretty funny though. But we had to get back for the evening show, so we took off. Then Joe came back. Of course!

We got into the evening show, and passed Mama and Papa J at the concession stand. I didn't want to go say anything to them though because they were talking to each other and I didn't want to interrupt.

We got to our seats, and I was kind of excited to see Nick getting rigged up for his entrance...when the usher came over and asked us if we wanted to move to non blocked seats. So they put us in the 4th row of the lower mezzanine. So our view went to this:

Those are like $132 each seats I think, so it was a total of $60 well spent!

The second night, it kind of was like watching a different show, esp from a different angle. Nick did even better the second night, his voice was on point in all areas again and he seemed to be looser and having more fun with it.

After Nick's curtain call we headed to stage door. The crowd was smaller, so we got closer to the front, and I got Beau and Michael's autographs. I told Michael I thought the Cambio video was funny, and he and Nick need to make more, and he agreed. He was really sweet. I'd hoped the crowd would stay calm when Nick came out, but they didnt and it was huge shoving. I kept getting pushed over to the side, while trying to fling my Playbill out there. The cop kept saying "He's not coming back!" to me like he had passed me, even though he was right in front of me. Finally Nick took the Playbill--I don't know if he heard me and thought I sounded annoyingly pathetic or what. I thanked him (he prob didn't hear, he prob didn't look up to see who he signed for) and I got the hell out. My heart was pounding, it was seriously fucking scary. Little did I know he'd come down the side of the street where there was less of a crowd and keep signing. He stayed even after we left and tried to sign for nearly everyone.

His signature at least on mine was scribble, so that makes me think he was signing just to shut me the frack up!

And that was the end of our trip. No Joe, no Kevin but some Nick run ins, and he was just as fabulous on stage as I'd hoped he'd be when I said all those months ago if DanRad ever left they should hire Nick. He exceeded my expectations, really. He had a few bobbles--sang one line twice on opening night, kinda got a little tongue tied once on the second night (but prob not noticed unless you had just seen the show the day before)and just little minor things that will fix themselves when he settles into the role. But he did a fantastic job and all of you who are thinking about seeing it really should.

I'd like to go back for closing night. I said I wouldn't, but....

And if you read all of that you deserve a medal of honor!

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