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Oct 31, 2011 22:44

Characters Requested: None, but Imma go ahead and assume Kurt.
Blaine hurried down the hall, trying his best to maneuver his way through the crowds of students without crashing into anyone. He was late. He was so late. He was supposed to be picking Kurt up outside English class and walking him to lunch, and he was supposed to have been there nearly three minutes ago. Which, yeah, wouldn’t be such a big deal normally, but Kurt had English with half the football team and no other Glee kids, and Blaine didn’t exactly love the idea of leaving his boyfriend to fend for himself with a bunch of hypoglycemic morons.

Hence, the hurrying.

Turning the corner that led to Kurt’s classroom, Blaine wasn’t sure what he’d find: Kurt, looking worried and exasperated and impatient? Kurt, surrounded by threatening-looking gigantic Neanderthals, backed up against a wall but spitting acerbic wit nonetheless? No Kurt at all, having found someone else to walk to the cafeteria with?

Whatever it was Blaine had expected, it certainly wasn’t Kurt, standing in the doorway and bouncing up and down with excitement, while Finn watched with a serious expression.

“I don’t know, Kurt,” Finn offered, “I think the last one looked more surprised.”

Immediately, Kurt stopped jumping. “It’s not an audition, Finn, it’s our parents,” he pointed out. “I only have to be so convincing. Frankly, I’m far more concerned about you. One look from Dad and you’ll fold like a cheap polyester suit.”

Finn looked confused. “Is that bad?” he wanted to know. “Should I be angry at you right now?”

Kurt opened his mouth, and Blaine decided to interrupt before he could answer that. “Hey guys, what’s going on?” he asked, smiling brightly at both boys.

Kurt beamed in return. “I’m practicing my reaction for tonight,” he explained happily. “Something that says, ‘I’m Completely Surprised and Delighted To Hear For The First Time That We’re Going To Disney World After Christmas, Because Finn Most Certainly Did Not Break Down and Tell Me Three Hours After Accidently Finding The Tickets In Carole’s Purse While Looking For Peppermints’. How’s this?” Making a surprised and delighted expression, Kurt clasped his hands together and began bouncing again.

It was both disturbing and adorable how much he looked like one of the little kids on the Disney commercials.

Finn was shaking his head again. “I still think the first one was the best,” he told Kurt, frowning in concentration.

Kurt ignored him. “Blaine?” he asked, looking expectant.

Blaine couldn’t hide his smile. “Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s adorable,” he prefaced. “But, aren’t the two of you a little old for Disney World?”

Kurt’s glare was withering. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that,” he replied loftily. “Would you like to try that reaction again?”

Blaine looked at Finn for support. Finn was frowning at him disapprovingly.

Blaine took a deep breath. “Okay,” he said slowly. Taking a second to get into character, he looked back at Kurt. “Disney World?!” he tried again, leaping in excitement the way Kurt had done. “Kurt, that’s so exciting! Can I come? I want to ride the teacups! Can we meet Mickey? I want to take Finn’s picture with the Seven Dwarves!”

Finn lit up. “Yeah, that’s perfect!” he agreed.

Or so Blaine thought, until Finn turned to Kurt. “You should do it just like that,” he said fervently, stabbing a finger at Blaine. “That was awesome.”

Blaine continued to bounce. “I want mouse ears, we need to buy mouse ears for everyone,” he continued, enjoying the way Kurt was looking at him with a mixture of fondness and exasperation. “Hey, maybe Mr. Schuester will let us sing the Mickey Mouse Club song!”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “You are impossible,” he said dismissively, walking through Finn and Blaine and starting down the hall toward the cafeteria.

They both followed. “Let’s visit Cinderella’s Castle,” Blaine continued impishly. “Maybe you’ll meet a Handsome Prince, and he’ll sweep you off your feet!”

Kurt didn’t answer. Blaine frowned. “Wait,” he said, “I don’t like that plan. I’ll punch him if he tries anything. Finn, will you punch him if he tries anything?”

Finn looked confused. “Like what?” he wanted to know.

Blaine frowned darkly, fake enthusiasm gone. “That’s it, I’m going to Disney World,” he groused. “No stupid Prince Charming is stealing my boyfriend, I don’t care how many castles or tiaras he has.”

They went to lunch, Blaine grumbling the whole way.

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