Solstice Free-for-All Fic: The Naked Vampire Incident

Dec 21, 2019 00:23

Title: The Naked Vampire Incident
Author:​ Zab Jade
Setting: BtVS season 4
Rating: PG-13

WARNING: Buffy/Other, this is pre-Spuffy, though the vibes are definitely there. It's a oneshot connected to a longer Spuffy story.

Summary: Everything changed after Maggie Walsh used an experimental virus on her soldiers and her creation…
After a horrific ( Read more... )

era: btvs s4, form: fic, rating: other, creator: zabjade

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thenewbuzwuzz December 21 2019, 10:54:50 UTC
Hi, Zab Jade! :)) Glad to see you.

"the things growing inside of him"
Well, jeepers creepers :) That was an impressively disturbing nightmare.

Aw, poor Spike assuming he's getting kicked out :C

jesus fuck, I mean. Props for making Adam actually scary! :)

"he’s going to have some privacy"

Joyce is nowhere near the general area of fucking around, huh. I guess she thought she startled him so much all on her own, without any nightmares?

It's okay Buffy, WE appreciate your cute toes

"At least Xander had agreed to help. He wasn’t exactly Spike’s biggest fan, but he’d been pretty sympathetic after seeing how badly he’d been hurt."
<3 Love it when Xander acts like the decent human being he is

"“Seafoam, eh?” he said quietly as he stared at her toes."
Eee, he noticed :)

Hi, Xander <3 I really love your Xander here ( ... )


slaymesoftly December 21 2019, 13:22:23 UTC
What buzz said - all of it. :)


slaymesoftly December 21 2019, 13:16:58 UTC
Nice glimpse of the world and situation this is part of. Now I want to check out the rest of the story. Thanks for participating. Nice to see you!


seapealsh December 22 2019, 02:46:22 UTC
Well, I've bookmarked the main story since this little vignette was so good.


rebcake December 22 2019, 09:21:04 UTC
Awww. This has a holiday fable kind of feeling, there at the end, but I might be highly suggestible this time of year. A bit of peace on earth, goodwill to Slayers and Vamps (and Moms).

I think I'll hie off to read the rest of this series. Very intriguing!


double_dutchess December 23 2019, 00:43:13 UTC
I think the title should be Naked Vampire Incidents, plural :-) And very enjoyable incidents they were. It definitely makes me want to read the longer story.


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