Fic: Calliope Unsheathed - Chapter Three

May 18, 2019 18:40

Title: Calliope Unsheathed
Author: eurydice72
Era/season/setting: Set between S4 and S5, canon divergent AU
Rating: Eventually NC17, but only R for language and violence for what gets posted here
Summary: When a carnival comes to town, Spike gets wind of a plot that doesn’t sound good for Sunnydale…or the Slayer.
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Thank goodness ( Read more... )

era: btvs s4, rating: nc-17, form: fic, era: btvs s5, creator: eurydice72

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Comments 8

slaymesoftly May 19 2019, 01:58:32 UTC
Curious and curiouser!


thenewbuzwuzz May 19 2019, 14:10:37 UTC
Very intriguing. :)

"Giles’s breathing exercises helped. She liked to tease him for being all New Age-y with some of his more esoteric training methods, but they really did work when she bothered to apply them."
Aww ^^

"Maybe she was actually in a coma, and her subconscious was creating this bizarro world to get her to wake up."
Hehe. And I like how she understood that nope.

Creepy! I like it!

That is a fabulous carousel. ^^

"The reflection she expected wasn’t there. It was the carnival in full swing, with all the people who’d been heading for the parking lot getting pelted by the driving rain."

"Tattoos so did not count as footwear."
Hee! :) Apparently, Oleksiy disagrees.

OMG! There are doppelgangers? How fun!! :) Looking forward to seeing what happens next.


pricelessspike May 20 2019, 16:53:46 UTC
I love a mystery. Can't wait to read more!


relurker May 21 2019, 16:42:09 UTC
Oh, interesting! A couple of Buffy&Spike doubles up to no good! I do wonder who should have been the third...


double_dutchess May 21 2019, 23:35:16 UTC
Yay, team Buffy and Spike is go! I love how caring he is towards her, while trying to be not too obvious about it. (But Buffy's is starting to notice.) I can see them teaming up with Oleksiy at some point -- if he ever wakes up. And another cliffhanger ending!!!


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