Fic: Calliope Unsheathed - Chapter Two

May 17, 2019 14:24

Title: Calliope Unsheathed
Author: eurydice72
Era/season/setting: Set between S4 and S5, canon divergent AU
Rating: Eventually NC17, but only R for language and violence for what gets posted here
Summary: When a carnival comes to town, Spike gets wind of a plot that doesn’t sound good for Sunnydale…or the Slayer.
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is my ( Read more... )

era: btvs s4, rating: nc-17, form: fic, era: btvs s5, creator: eurydice72

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seapealsh May 18 2019, 00:56:52 UTC
This is great! I've missed your awesome writing.


ston3y1 May 18 2019, 03:44:45 UTC
See this is why I normally avoid reading WIPs and wait for a fic to be finished, I seriously lack patience. Another great chapter, total cliffhanger, please post more!


thenewbuzwuzz May 18 2019, 07:15:04 UTC
"“Your stomach,” she corrected. “Mine’s fit as a fiddle.”"
Perks of the Slayer metabolism? :)

“He’s just trying to distract me from the real reason he’s here.”
I mean, she's not entirely wrong.

"Word is, she hasn’t had a decent slay since Soldier Boy took off.”
I see what you did there, Spike ;)

"“No, a fortune teller is a he or a she.” She paused. “Or an it, since this is the Hellmouth.""
Hee! I mean, *I* think it could theoretically be a non-binary fortune teller, but Buffy doesn't think that way, so fair enough. And her Slayer instincts are on point! :)

I like that Spike sees Buffy's not spending enough time with her friends.

"“That’s it,” she said. “Someone’s gotta be the boss around here. If she’s employed with the carnival, she has to report in.”"
Yay, good thinking, Buffy!

Am enjoying watching Spike ogle Buffy

Oleksiy is being so ominous! I love it!

Looking forward to finding out more about what's afoot :)


beloved4always May 18 2019, 16:11:48 UTC
WOW. reading your spuffy fic is always such a pleasure. thanks so much for deciding to participate in Seasonal Spuffy.


relurker May 18 2019, 18:35:47 UTC
Aaand... cliffhanger!
This promises to be a great story, I'll be waiting for the rest of it!


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