AO3 MOBI files issue

Aug 14, 2018 22:21

Update!!!! It's FIXED. Thanks to anyone who made some noise about this. :D

Amazon has let us know the issue is fixed and you should be able to send AO3's MOBI files to your Kindle once more! (We've already sent a few ourselves!)
- AO3 Status (@AO3_Status) August 18, 2018
So for no clear reason it became impossible to email MOBI files from AO3 to ( Read more... )


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nicky69 August 15 2018, 19:09:05 UTC
I can across this issue myself last night and it’s annoying as Hell. I don’t know why Amazon have decided to do this, if I had to guess I’d say money is at the bottom of it. They don’t give a hoot about their customers, only their bottom line.

The workaround you suggested is great, however, if you can’t get to a PC and If you’re using an iPad you can copy and open the pdf in the Kindle app. The formatting isn’t as good but you can still save fic as long as you have an internet connection.


sandymg August 24 2018, 17:08:09 UTC
Late reply. Sorry. But the issue was resolved. I think perhaps we collectively made enough noise about it on Twitter and elsewhere. I'd like to think we helped Amazon get on board to fix it, rather than just ignore it.


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