AO3 MOBI files issue

Aug 14, 2018 22:21

Update!!!! It's FIXED. Thanks to anyone who made some noise about this. :D

Amazon has let us know the issue is fixed and you should be able to send AO3's MOBI files to your Kindle once more! (We've already sent a few ourselves!)
- AO3 Status (@AO3_Status) August 18, 2018

So for no clear reason it became impossible to email MOBI files from AO3 to Kindle addresses. They keep getting rejected.

Then AO3 posts this Tweet:

Bad news, MOBI users: we just spoke to @Amazon's @AmazonHelp and were told emailing MOBI files will no longer be supported by Kindle's personal document service. You'll have to transfer them from a computer or download them directly to your device from now on.
- AO3 Status (@AO3_Status) August 13, 2018
There is a workaround (for now) -- download the MOBI and then convert using the free app Calibre. The converted MOBI will still email to your Kindle address.

I don't know if this will change and they really will stop accepting MOBI files (their own ebook files!) like they already don't accept or convert ePub files.

Personally, this is upsetting because I love AO3 and the ease with which I used to get nicely formatted fanfics on my Kindle. I hated the weird spacing and such of a converted PDF.


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