What Are You Reading Wednesday

Jan 25, 2017 20:30

I keep forgetting that Fannish Throwback Tuesday I tried to start, so here's a reading wednesday instead:

What did you just finish reading?

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman, and I have to say that if I had issues with the show after the last two seasons, the book made me like it even less. The main reason is how much more sympathetic and respectful the book is towards Piper's fellow inmates. Where the women of the 'real Litchfield' were mostly victims of USA's draconian drug laws, the tv-show has given them more 'interesting' backgrounds, and often treats them like exhibitions in a freak show while at the same time claiming to be serious drama about the injustice of the justice system. The most appaling example is Sister Ingalls, whose backstory I hated when it was introduced and hate it even more now that I know that she was based on Ardeth Platte.

(not to mention that Piper on the TV show is a rare female character who I vehemently wish would be killed off, whereas the real Piper comes across as a pretty nice person)

Obviously the book was very light on the racial aspects of American prisons and criminal justice system - though she did often mention how she got off more easily than many of the other prisoners because she was "blond and blue-eyed", which was obviosly code for "white" - but on the other hand it never pretends to be anything but the memoir of a middle class white woman.

What are you reading now?

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandell. I know nothing about this book except that it's set in a post-apocalytic world and a friend of mine really liked it. So far it's been very good.

I'm also rereading Pratchett's Unseen cademicals for a book club.

What will you read next?

Probably either a book on paranormal by some guy who was a mentalist consultant for The Mentalist (heh) or Tove Jansson's biography.

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