Megafandom approacheth; Or: Clearly I've been in fandom too long because I can see the future

Jan 20, 2017 10:22

So apparently BBC and Amazon are teaming up to make a Good Omens miniseries.

This will be the big megafandom of 2018, am I right? I mean, Good Omeans already has a fairly active fandom for a 30-year-old book and the passive fanbase is *huge* so there will be a lot of anticipation for the show, which will lead to fannish activity and then eventual wank when the wrong people are cast and wrong parts are left out/included.

(and then people who don't like the book will feel left out and start coming up with reasons why the book/show is problematic because these days you are not allowed to just dislike something - you also need to prove that disliking it makes you a better person than the people liking it)

(which will then be countered by people who like the book trying to prove that it's actually the most progressive piece of fiction ever made, because you also aren't allowed to like things unless it makes you better person than not liking the thing)

Me, I'm sort of excited about it even though Good Omens has never been among my favourite Gaiman or Pratchett works (I mean, I like it but not as much as, say, Sandman or most of Discworld books). I'm more interested in the upcoming American Gods tv-show, because I feel like it could even surpass the book -- I think Good Omens has a bigger chance of failure because the humour might not translate well to screen (see: some of the Discworld filmatizations). And please, please, please let it not have Johnny Depp as Crowley :/

What is everyone's thoughts about the Good Omens show? Who's your dream cast?

(my only casting thought at the moment is that I'd kinda like to see John Boyega as Newton Pulcifer... I don't know why, but he was the first actor who popped into my head when I thought about the character)

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