End of the year fannish round-up, 2016 edition

Dec 31, 2016 19:15

Well, if there's something good about the whole Russian servers debacle then at least it has made both LJ and DW more active again - it took me almost two hours to catch up on my f-list!

(granted, I'd been away for over a week, but it didn't take this long for me to catch up when I was away th entire September)

Anyway, since we're all here, I thought I'd post my (sadly very short) end of the year fannish round-up.

Doctor Who - The Bucket List (River Song/The War Doctor)

Star Wars - Stay (Leia/Han)

Babylon 5 - In Dreams (Sheridan/Delenn)

X-Men - No Future But What We Make (Kitty & Rogue)

And that's it. This is the fewest number of fics I have written since 2005...

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end-of-the-year fannish round-up

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