[Fic] pennydreadful: On the Eve of Destruction, With this Righteous Man

Jul 03, 2014 22:43


Title: On the Eve of Destruction, With this Righteous Man
Writer: pennydreadful
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]None
Length: 6,973 words
Summary: The world is ending again and Cas is still a virgin. Time for some de-hymenating.

Reccer's notes: Plot, canonical angst, intensely in-character everyone, and scorching hot sex--what's not to like? Also, Cas trying to figure out how this human sexuality thing works, Dean not talking about his feelings, and some really, really great visuals.  It's not perfect--the author has fallen victim to the odd delusion that Castiel never uses contractions.  But that's really the worst thing I can find to say about it.  Read it, you'll like it.

[Short excerpt]"The last time the world was ending," Cas said, "you were so insistent I must not die a virgin you attempted to orchestrate fornication between a woman of ill repute and myself."

Dean smirked, closed his eyes, and nuzzled into the pillow. "Yeah, that sounds like me."

"Do you not recall?"

"I do. It was just a…never mind." He opened his eyes. "Was that the question?"

"I am still a virgin."

"That sucks. I don't think we have time to visit another den of iniquity, though. Nevada is kind of in the opposite direction from where we're going."

fic: 5-15k, t: s5, t: first times, ^fic, c: sam winchester, t: porn/pwp, t: angst, c: bobby singer, *dean/castiel

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