[Fic] captainswank: they read baudelaire in hell

Jun 11, 2013 17:44

[ Invited Reccer: Rarepair FPF Fic ]

Title: they read baudelaire in hell
Writer: captainswank
Alternate links: On Tumblr
Characters and/or pairings: Dean/Alastair
Rating: R for violence
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Blood, torture (and the non-sexual non-con that comes along with it), violence, gore, body horror, Alastair.
Length: ~1200
Summary: For the prompt: "Is growing flowers in somebody's heart a kink? Dean/Alastair."

Reccer's notes: Recently there was a mini-fad of Dean with flowers growing of him, and while some people may have seen some art, I think this fantastic fic was likely overlooked.

This fic is not for the faint of heart! It's gory, it's bloody, it's painful; it's so visceral you can almost smell it. Alastair's brutal sense of humor is threaded all through it, as is his thorough, artistic physical and mental torture. It also has one of the best Alastair/Dean dynamics I've ever seen. It's not sexual, but it's slickly sensual, and it's not romantic, but the undercurrent of Alastair's own brand of love for Dean makes the things he does to him even more terrible. A must-read if you're a fan of Alastair, or of torture fic.

[Short excerpt]Alastair may tell you that he is a professional, that he is an artist.

He is also a gardener.

He gathers his little seeds and finds the perfect places to plant them; tends to them over time so they’ll grow sweet, thick and lovely.

Dean’s body is warm, Dean’s body is wet, Dean’s body is lush and fertile. And Alastair loves to plant in Dean and watch him grow.

t: torture, t: hell, c: alastair, p: alastair/dean, t: horror, t: s3, c: dean winchester, *rarepair fpf, t: body horror, ^fic, t: whump, t: dub/non-con, fic: 1-5k, *invited reccer

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