[Fic] saltandbyrne: A Warm Gun

Apr 06, 2013 14:18

[ HET: Bela/Victor ]
Title: A Warm Gun
Writer: saltandbyrne
Alternate links: AO3
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Bela/Victor, Bela/Meg
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:  [Click to read]mentions of childhood sexual abuse, animal and character death (and life after death of both), torture, explicit consensual sex, dark themes
Length: 3996 words
Summary: Sometimes, death is the best beginning she can hope for. A first kiss and a last one bookend the life of Bela Talbot.

Reccer's notes: I am cheating a little bit with my category with this one, since it's really a Bela character study with a few different pairings. However, it's an absolutely beautiful and visceral one, both dark and lyrical, and it includes my favorite rarepair of all, Bela/Victor. Fic for this pairing is hard to come by, but the best kind do what this one does--explore the possibilities inherent in the coupling. A must-read.

[Short excerpt]Incorporeality is a freeing and terrifying experience. She can feel the air mingling with the outer limits of her being, molecules unbending and reforming as she follows the black-hole pull of her new body. She slides into it like a Savile suit, tailored and fitted perfectly with the weft and weave of auburn hair and soft skin.

c: meg (demon), t: torture, t: hell, c: alastair, c: crowley, *rarepair fpf, c: bela talbot, p: bela/viktor, t: sexual abuse, *het, t: demon possession / angel envesselment, p: bela/meg, t: horror, t: body horror, ^fic, c: victor henriksen, t: death, t: femmeslash, t: angst, fic: 1-5k

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