[Podfic] ratherastory: Negotiating With Terrorists (And Other Post-Apocalyptic Adventures)

Feb 22, 2013 14:23

[ invited reccer: Minor Characters ]
Title: Negotiating With Terrorists (And Other Post-Apocalyptic Adventures)

Reader: ratherastory
Writer: pyrebi
Alternate links: Audiofic Archive, DreamWidth
Characters and/or pairings: Some Dean/Cas and more minor and recurring characters than you can shake a stick at.
Rating: Mature
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]None
Podfic length: 27:12
File type: MP3 & M4B
Fic summary: Castiel tries to settle the angelic ranks, Dean tries to live a normal life, Sam tries to not actually exist, and a gaggle of dead hunters tries to take over Heaven. There are varying levels of success.

Reccer's notes: I took this podfic to the passport office with me and instead of sitting there going "OMGBUREAUCRACY", I spent the wait trying not to laugh inappropriately. ratherastory has great energy that jives perfectly with the comedy of the story.

c: jo harvelle, c: jessica moore, c: lisa braeden, c: ellen harvelle, c: sam winchester, c: ash, c: john winchester, t: heaven, audio format: mp3, c: jimmy novak, *dean/castiel, *invited reccer, c: castiel, podfic: 0:21-1:00 hr, c: dean winchester, c: victor henriksen, ^podfics, c: pamela barnes, *minor character, c: mary winchester

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