[Art] alt69: Art for 'The Menagerie'

Nov 11, 2013 19:34

[ Challenges: DCBigBang ]
Title: Art for 'The Menagerie'
Artist: alt69
Alternate links: lionstiel, on tumblr
Characters and/or pairings: Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17, nsfw
Warnings, kinks & contents: Most pieces tame (and quite lovely!) but one piece [Click to read](features a handjob, also quite lovely. ;)) Might be spoilery? I don't know; didn't read the fic.
Medium: digital
Short description: Images featuring an evening circus tent, a winged Castiel, and a bit of the naughty between Cas and Dean.

Reccer's notes: Gorgeous work, not over-rendered. The artist has a real sensitivity and delicate color palette. So pleasing and classy! And who doesn't love a carnivale?

c: castiel, ^art, *challenges, art: digital, c: dean winchester, *dean/castiel

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