[Fic] sbgrrl: Weaver

Nov 05, 2013 20:48

[ Gen ]

Title: Weaver
Alternate links: As it turns out, the author is on LJ as well; she can be found under superbadgirl. So you can read the story here, at her journal, too.
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean & Sam. Missouri & Bobby as side characters, mentions of Jess. No pairings.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings, kinks & contents: Beware, the warning contains spoilers.[Click to read]Multiple main character deaths (no true death!fic, though).
Length: 39,837
Summary: Sometimes dreams teach, sometimes they tell the future, and sometimes they just hurt like hell.

Reccer's notes: This is a classic early season case-fic, written in 2006. The brotherly dynamic isn't strained with too much heavy mythology yet; we're still in the "Psychic powers? What the hell!" phase and the boys are hunting black dogs. Sounds simple enough. Too bad that another creepy crawly has already sunk its claws into them and that some dreams can turn breath-taking, literally. The author takes us on a thrilling journey packed with brotherly banter, fraying realities, and the Winchesters' worst nightmares as Sam tries to keep his dreaming and waking mind apart and Dean just tries to keep Sam alive. Horror at its best.

c: sam winchester, t: supernatural creatures/beings, t: casefic, c: bobby singer, c: missouri mosely, t: horror, t: hurt/comfort, t: s1, c: dean winchester, *gen, ^fic, t: whump, t: death, t: angst, t: illness/injury (temporary), fic: 15-50k

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