[fic] transfixeddream: I Do (Not Know How That Ninja Followed Me Home)

Sep 29, 2013 11:13

Title: I Do (Not Know How That Ninja Follwed Me Home)
Writer: transfixeddream
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Hard R
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]Mild violence
Length: 4,100~
Summary: Jared defuses bombs for a living and comes home to Jensen, a CEO. Despite the nature of his day job, Jared’s about to do the most stressful thing he’s ever done..

Reccer's notes: Adorable, perfect in tone and execution, and nowhere near the crack it sounds. It’s a delightful slice of action/adventure/romance/humour that I promise will put a smile on your face.

[Short excerpt]Jared does his best to keep quiet as he unlocks the door and steps inside. He's tired but also happy, because he managed to severely overestimate the villain's genius. The dude had just sent his bodyguards to kick Jared's ass, and once Jared had taken them out the guy basically began to cry, got on his knees and begged Jared not to hurt him. Jared hates it when the bad guys cry because it always makes him seem a little less awesome when he only stops a giant sap rather than a megalomaniacal mastermind, but right now he's not going to complain.

fic: 1-5k, t: domestic, *jared/jensen, ^fic, t: schmoop

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