happy birthday to.......me!!!!!!

Jun 04, 2004 15:14

hey y'all. it's me, i'm just sitting here after a great couple of days!!! well actually, yesterday was ok, i was kinda down, just missing people and such. but last night was sooo fun. there were a few minor setbacks, but once kyle and i got to the club it was great!!!!! they announced my name like crazy, and josie brought her friends, one of them i love!!!!! she's a cute lil black chick from banning no less, and we just danced like crazy. then my good friend johnny, who works there now, bought me a beer. i hate alcohol, but he bought it, and was hovering over me like a hawk, so i drank it, it actually didn't taste as bad as i remember, but yeah. kyle, josie and i were dancing up a storm. actually i didn't see a lot of josie, being that whenever we go out, she always hooks up with someone, not sexually, but you know what i mean. well, yeah, this night was no exception....lol. it's cool though, i love her!!! so yeah, then kyle and i met a couple of cool people, this one gorgeous guy who we always check out, and this guy/drag queen who works there, he's johnny's friend, but soooo cool, i liked him, not like that though...lol. i got my hair cut, and it looks sooo cute...lol. also, (a highlight of last night) some chick who was competing in the dance idol competition split her pants in the very beginning of her song, AND DIDN'T HAVE ANY UNDERWEAR ON!!! i loved this girl, cos she just kept on dancing and showing everything...lol. so yeah, that was great. but even after the partying was over and the goodbyes were said, something incredible happened when i stepped into my apartment. i checked my voicemail, cos paris had called, but i just returned his call earlier without checking my voicemail. well, he called me at 12:03 to say happy birthday, and then sang this like 4 minute song to me, i think it's called, "happy happy birthday baby" it was the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me!!!! he even switched up the lyrics, instead of, "so happy you're my baby" he sang, "so happy you're my papi" lol. and then he ended the song with my name......i was in love the second i heard that.....well, maybe not love, but extreme like!!! it was just so cool that someone cared enough about me to do that, that was just....oooh...totally amazing!!!! so yeah, then i went to work today, after getting like 3 hours of sleep, and felt completely awake!!! not only that , but when i got to work, everyone had decorated my desk, and gave me presents. xtina even baked me a cake and is dropping off a present this weekend!!! paula gave me my first rose ever!!! it's yellow and in this really cool vase. she also gave me 21 bucks!!! so yeah, i can put gas in my car!!! hehe. and elaine gave me a 25 buck stater's gift card, so i can eat too!!! hehe. and i got a card, and a sticker. i was so happy. omg, last night since i dropped kyle off to get his car and got a haircut, i was pressed for time. well, kyle's car still didn't work, so all of a sudden i didn't have time to go home and change cos i had to get him, so i rushed to the moreno valley mall, 15 minutes before closing ,and bought a pair of 58 dollar express4men jeans....lol . yeah, i'm returning them tomorrow...lol. i had my shirt in my car, but not my jeans, so yeah, i needed a quick fix....lol. oh well, it was well worth it, and yeah, i'm 21 now!!!! i can.....pay less to get into clubs, go to any casino, go into any club i want, and buy alcohol that my friends will drink and i will not touch......all in all, a good age so far!!!!! hehe. love y'all ..........bye.
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