fucking people....men are sooo stupid.......

May 27, 2004 20:13

why is it that everyone has an opinion about me and how i should live my life? i'm like, i work my ass off, pay for everything, and now i'm looking for a second job and it seems that i have a bunch of people saying shit to me? i'm not here to please people, i'm here to survive for myself. i've just come to the conclusion that men are fucking ( Read more... )

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Loser anonymous May 30 2004, 17:04:41 UTC
Stop complaining so much and just go off on them sometimes you need to let ur own feelings out and if you hold them in and you complain later ur the one who looks like an ass.Dont be such a bitch if people are giving you crap give it to them back.Stand up for urself and dont be such a push over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD Get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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