yay, the sun came out!!!!

May 18, 2004 18:15

hey guys. these last few mornings have been really weird, it's been all....cloudy, but then around noon or so, it's all sunny. the sun makes me happy...geez i'm an idiot. anywho, don got a car yesterday!!!!! they're taking my lil convertible sometime tomorrow i think as a trade in, and my fabulous best friend jason helped me out!!!! thanks j. well, i now don't have the 87 celica convertible..i'll miss the drop top. but now i have a 96 nissan sentra, and yeah, it runs!!!! and has power everything and a/c. my a/c was fucked up in the celica, and the top dripped in the rain, so yeah, it pooped out last week. there was a reason i didn't stress out over all this. god knows what he's doing, and he knew that i needed a better running car, so that's why all this happened. i've just learned not to question things and just let things roll. i did fall into a dillemma today though. i realized that i'm giving the dealership the other 600 bucks on the same paycheck that my first car payment is due, but i'm working enough o/t to do it, so yeah. awwww, i love my lil car...lol. and it gets 40mpg, yeah, here in cali, where the gas is $2.35 a gallon for regular, that's gonna come in reeeeeaaally handy and save me some cash. i miss kyle, i haven't been able to get ahold of him the last couple of days, or anyone else for that matter. i'm really missing jason and mom and amber!!!!! and why is the thought of going to florida still fluttering through my mind? i dunno...lol. anyways, yeah, all's well, i was irritable at work, i'm doing some o/t tomorrow, thank goodness, it just sucks that i missed o/t on sunday though. oh yeah, if you're wondering, "o/t" stands for overtime. i'm gonna see if i can squeeze some more out of kathleen in highland....hopefully. OMG, DID ANYONE SEE THE "EVERYBODY'S FOOL" VIDEO FROM EVANESCENCE?!!!! ok, anyone who knows me knows that i relate to that song very very well. i love it, it's probably my favorite track on the album. but yeah, the video is sooo cool, and amy lee looks soo good with blonde hair. i swear, not just because i'm a fan, that the video is somewhat aimed at britney spears. you'll have to see it to get the connection. anyways, i'll talk to y'all later. wuv u!!! ..........me
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