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Aug 17, 2020 11:00

Only the coolest thing ever.

This evening, Smolevichi, Belarus pic.twitter.com/zGESaKYwk4
- James Farro (@JF991) August 15, 2020

Многочисленные комментаторы не могут не отметить женское лицо протестов в Беларуси.

Marina, a 28-year-old musician who took part in the initial demonstration of women on Wednesday, said that prior to this year she had ( Read more... )

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tijd August 19 2020, 20:03:24 UTC

The brave citizens of Belarus are showing their voices will not be silenced by terror or torture. The U.S. should support Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's call for fair elections. Russia must be told not to interfere-this is not about geopolitics but the right to choose one's leaders.
- Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) August 19, 2020

The European Union stands in solidarity with the people of #Belarus. And we don't accept impunity.

The protests in Belarus are not about geopolitics. This is about the right of the People to freely elect their leadership. #EUCO pic.twitter.com/SAzeIq7T85
- Charles Michel (@eucopresident) August 19, 2020


tijd August 19 2020, 20:26:06 UTC
"Такие персонажи становятся понятней, когда они приходят в контакт со своей архитипической противоположностью."

original video source: (c) nn.vsmn on instagram
- mila ⬜️🟥⬜️ (@hotylwt) August 12, 2020


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