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Oct 20, 2014 23:02

Watching the first few episodes of Gossip Girl, all I knew about it were very vague descriptions of a couple of the characters, and the identity of Gossip Girl. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a thing for me, but if I’d watched it without the big reveal I’d be really curious what it looked like to someone watching with that information, so.

  • What it looks like from here is that Dan is a creep with weird dissociative issues. “Nobody will ever hear it from me….but from my female alter ego, who is in no way a wealthy Manhattanite, they may hear a thing or two!” GG’s fixation on Serena is creepily voyeuristic in light of Dan’s longstanding ~crush.

    Apparently Dan being GG was controversial at the time, and the EPs swore up and down that they had always intended it to be him? Which, as much as there’s pressure for creators to lie assure fans that they had the same firm handle on the whole thing all along, particularly post-Lost and BSG, I kind of buy. This whole setup has aspiring male novelist/future English professor written all over it. Bitter class warfare between the 1% and the .0001%, a pseudo-virgin/whore setup with one idealized maternal figure and one conniving bitch (which therefore conveniently doesn’t eliminate anyone from sexual availability), cartoonishly obvious abusers who are always conveniently thwarted just before raping women toward whom the Nice Guy feels proprietary….it’s cloudy with a strong chance of Ezra Fitz. And he totally misses his own shippy subtext, lol - I know this sounds fandom-y, but seriously, we’ve all known abandoned friends and disappointed crushes and lbr, Blair’s behavior makes a lot more sense if she’s totally in love with Serena.

    Knowing not just that the narrator is unreliable, but the particular biases of the narrator, makes me wonder how much Blair is really BLAIR and Serena is really ~~~Serena<3333. You know? If he’s been crushing and idealizing with Serena gone all this time then he’s almost certainly invested in a certain image of her, and apparently also deeply invested in finding her a proportionate foil.

  • This is definitely a lifestyle that makes more sense with royalty and vampires, lol. (I understand why Varys has little birds but Dan???)

  • Does Nate even have a home? Is he left to sleep in the streets until he has been accepted to Dartmouth? Is he just a roving vagarant with a trust fund?

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