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Nov 02, 2013 01:36

There are so many reasons my sister is the greatest, but very high on the list is the way we have this conversation every week:

SISTER/ME: Elijah/Klaus is such a dickbag.
SISTER/ME: I know, right?
SISTER/ME: …….I love him.
SISTER/ME: I know, right?!

  • DUUUUDE witches are the most important people in New Orleans and they are terrifying.
  • There’s something really interesting happening with cycles of projection here. Klaus saves/controls Marcel, who turns around and saves/controls Davina.
  • SO excited to see the witch politics be complicated and terrifying! In any other narrative, Marcel would be the good guy - and maybe he is the best guy here, but that doesn’t make him good. And I just love how deliberately amoral it makes the whole power struggle. If a war happens, it happens because of ego.
  • I continue to be surprised at how….I don’t like the term sex-positive, but how positive about sexuality The Originals continues to be.

Monster's Ball:

+Nice to know that fandom hasn't completely turned me off Katherine, as I found the Nadia reveal to be quite touching.

+Anyway, y'all laughed at me last week, but DAMN:

source: eventhepuresthearts.tumblr.com
I was kind of in awe of how sharp that scene was, though? "Love me more than you hate him" - as if Tyler could not possibly do something because he needs to feel more secure in and of himself. "No more surprises" - as if Tyler showing up to the funeral of someone they've both known since childhood was some manipulative appeasement to her - "no more excuses" - as if he HAS to excuse himself to her - "no more chances" - because SHE is the one in charge of doling out chances. Like. WOW. There were about a million easier places to take this moment.

+Also, I love that Trevino knows what's up with Klaus:

[Y]ou’ve got to think at this point, because Klaus is so powerful, that he kinda maybe deep down inside likes Tyler and likes messing around with him because it gives him something to do. Klaus is just so powerful, I figure he doesn’t want to be bored all the time. If he had Tyler hunting him every now and then, a part of him might like that a little bit. (source)

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