Plot without Porn 2009 Round Up

Aug 22, 2010 11:04

Sorry for the random post, but I really should have done this a year ago! Apparently I can't backdate community entries, but it seemed more worthwhile having this post than not.

So, here are the fics that were posted in 2009!


brutti_ma_buoni wrote Learning the Ropes (1-8/8) [Giles, Watchers' Council; pre-series; PG-13]
hello_spikey wrote The Soul Drinker (1-3/ ( Read more... )

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ningloreth August 22 2010, 11:17:53 UTC
Oh, I don't feel so bad now, seeing my last year's story listed!

(I will be making an extra effort next year).


quinara August 22 2010, 11:20:16 UTC
Oh, don't feel bad! You're still one of the team! :D

(I'm sure it will be amazing!!)


brutti_ma_buoni August 22 2010, 14:20:52 UTC
I like this alphabetical lark, it feeds my self-importance (especially as my real names are middle of the alphabet yawns). See that you don't recruit any new members who begin with A...


quinara August 22 2010, 14:26:13 UTC
I'll try not to! And I know how you feel (my surname begins with M - it's really boring, isn't it?). Clearly I picked my pseudonym very poorly...


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