In the Winter Garden. Chapter Seven.

Aug 17, 2010 19:27

Author; curiouswombat
Rating; 13
Fandoms ; Buffy/Lord of the Rings
Word count for this chapter 2,950
Chapter 7/9
Disclaimer as chapter one.

Chapter Seven )

c: legolas, f: buffyverse, c: dawn, a: curiouswombat, c: rumil, f: lotr, c: eowyn

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ningloreth August 17 2010, 19:44:14 UTC
I loved the scene of Legolas in the tree, praying and then hearing Tindómë's thank yous.

And I'm so glad there's a solution, especially as I keep associating him with Melannen, now!

I'm only wondering -- because there are two chapters still to go -- whether there will be another twist...


curiouswombat August 17 2010, 20:15:20 UTC
There are ends to tidy and just a wee twist...


petzipellepingo August 17 2010, 20:20:45 UTC
It's good to have a plan.

I also enjoyed the scene of Legolas in the tree waiting for a sign.


curiouswombat August 17 2010, 20:34:36 UTC
Thank you - I rather liked that bit, too!

Now to put the plan into action...


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