Finished Art for Prints: DW, H50, Temeraire, Glee, XMFC, Inception

Jul 22, 2011 04:01

Finally--the images for the next round are finished! \o/ Previous images are here.


H50. This pretty much exists because of that picture of Grace Parks with a shotgun.

DOCTOR WHO. Amy and Rory in their very favorite costumes.

INCEPTION. In retrospect this picture might not be as clear as I think it is. Eames is forging, see, and in the mirror you see what he really looks like. Right, right?

TEMERAIRE, Temeraire and Laurence. I won't lie, coloring dragon scales is almost the worst thing ever. Note that this is a juvenile Temeraire, not just because he's smaller than a boat but also because he doesn't have any little nose tendrils. That was... on purpose.

GLEE, Kurt and Blaine. I haven't seen past season one, but like everyone else in the universe, I fell pretty hard for Kurt (and for his dad!). The hardest part about this picture was coming up with an outfit for Kurt. In my defense, the glaring colors come from googling "men's fashion colors fall 2011".

X-MEN FIRST CLASS, Erik and Charles, their love is true.

The previous image set is here. Thanks for your interest. :)

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