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Jan 09, 2006 19:44

I was tagged by strickens_girl so here we go:

-Fulfill sentence of writing a list of five
things you enjoy with some degree of guilt
or embarrassment.
-Pass judgment on five others, and sentence
them to do the same.

1. Smoking. Boring I know, but I feel guilty about what it is doing to my health, and guilty about the money it costs.

2. Sherbet/marshmallow cones. A wafer cone, filled with sherbet, topped with marshmallow to look like icecream. Such a kiddy type of thing to eat.

3. Reading fanfiction or playing games on the computer when I should be studying. I keep thinking that this unit will be the one I fail due to not doing any readings or studying. Then I get decent marks and think if I put the work in I could be on the honor roll. (But reading fanfic is much more fun.)

4. Watching cooking shows. Especially those with two chefs 'competing'.

5. Singing along (loudly) to the radio. Some days I'm in tune, and some days it's just not nice for people around me. I do it anyway. *g*

O.K. If you want to play, I tag nemo_gravis, spikess, vampirefever, jgracio and altyronsmaker
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