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For those of you that don't know, PAX East is a gaming convention run by the creators of the Penny Arcade comic strip. After E3 went business only, PAX became THE convention for gamers. They have one on each coast, PAX Prime is over labor day weekend and PAX East is always in late March. I've been to PAX East every year since it started and I always have fun...but that could also be because one of my BFFs (bittertwee) lives up in Boston so it means I get to hang out with her plus I <3 Boston SO MUCH!

I got my Friday/Saturday badges in the mail this past week (3-Day passes had already sold out and it was the same price for Friday/Saturday).

AND THEY FINALLY POSTED THE PANEL SCHEDULE!. I've already got several in my phone schedule, but I really want to hear Cliffy B (not even going to attempt to spell his name, it's the 'Gears of War' creator) talk at the "storytime" session. I also want to hear the Rock Band retrospective with Harmonix, "Retro Games We Want to Love" (which looks at games that everyone raves about but you don't understand WHY!), Mass Effect Trilogy (though I'm guessing this will be hard to get in to...and I might have to tape maybedeadcat's mouth shut so we don't get in trouble LOL), "Video Games and Ethics", "Worst Apps Ever Made" (that has to be hilarious), one on writing video games, and maybe the Bioshock:Infinite panel...though I'm worried about spoilers.

Still debating whether we want to see JoCo play on Saturday night since there are 4 bands performing that evening and last time it went until 2am...makes for along day!

I think I want to spend more time in the free play rooms this year, trying out random games from the past and present.

And, of course, gotta troll the Exhibitors room for free swag and a look at up and coming titles.


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