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Mar 31, 2010 23:20

I survived PAX and it was a crazy geeky time - longer post later though as we are in the process of moving. I went in and signed the lease this morning and tomorrow AD will sign it and I'm gonna drop off the Move-In check (which I thought I could pay online but it turns out I can't so I have to drive all the way back over there...blah but what can ya do?). So there might be a bit of radio silence as we pack stuff up, move it around, and, of course, get the Internet hooked up in the new apartment. I'm hoping Comcast can just turn it on and let us take our old DVR with us since I have a hella lotta stuff to catch up on watching.

So, yes I am going to be a totally frazzled and overwhelmed bag of Sam for the next few weeks until we get all our stuff moved inot the new place. I apologize in advance for the lack of commenting. I'm probably going to skim through the flist each night until they unplug my PC and move it away (oh I can feel the twitching already...)

Anyway, until I can make a decent post, here's a pic of me with Wil Wheaton. Click through to my Flickr page to see other PAX photos.

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