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Feb 13, 2020 23:10

Whoops! I haven't posted in ten days LOL. I did put a few things up on my Wordpress this week.


I know I just got back from a trip, but that was with my parents. This will be with friends so very different. Tim isn't coming this year because Sylvia's got her last high school choir concert and her 18th birthday is Sunday (though I am coming back Saturday so I will be home for that). So, yeah, it will just be me and our friends Mathew and Zac. Zac works at my old branch so I'm hoping to get all the details about the new manager LOL. I mean, I know her and have met her, but from a worker perspective.

Bonus, I found out the tabletop gaming YouTube channel I obsessively follow, Dicebreaker, will be at PAX! They have a panel on Friday night which is my #1 priority for two days we are going. I am hoping to at least say hello because they are all so sweet and we chat on twitter all the time.

Speaking of, I painted my OWLBEAR! It was really relaxing actually, I would love to do another miniature. I might see if there are some cheap blanks on sale at PAX and buy them. Though I'm also thinking the Firefly game Tim got my for Christmas has minis inside I could easily add a bit of color to...

Currently I am attempting to resist the TOMS sale because the Star Wars shoes that originally brought me to the site are on sale and I want them...because Star Wars...but do I need more shoes? There are 3 pair...I could just get one...of course then they charge shipping...so I might as well get two to not pay for shipping...it makes no sense. Perhaps I will see if they are still in stock this weekend and take that as a sign.

I forgot to get a Valentine's Day card for Tim but I do have some *sexy* gifts...which I actually bought for Christmas and then realized I had purchased a LOT of things so I hid them in my dresser. I got the Chocolate Fondue so I am thinking I will stop on the way home tomorrow and grab some fruits we can dip in it.

I was going to suggest curling up on the couch and watching Your Name, an anime we saw in the theaters together a few years ago and he bought it for me on blu-ray.

But now I need to get to bed! Still gotta work tomorrow and I agreed to go to a meeting in the afternoon in Annapolis which I am kind of regretting because that drive is a pain. But it will be a good learning opportunity, see how the sausage gets made when it comes to public planning.


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