Fans Who Didn't Read The Book Are Outraged That Zendaya Is in 'Dune' For Only 7 Minutes

Oct 27, 2021 17:53

Fans are outraged that Zendaya is in 'Dune' for only 7 minutes
- Page Six (@PageSix) October 27, 2021

Fans of Baby Z are mad that if you blink, you'll miss Zendeya in Dune. “What do you mean Zendaya is only in Dune for seven minutes,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Tired of seeing Zendaya paraded for press and not given the time and material she deserves,” tweeted Vulture writer Zoe Haylock, who wrote the article that sparked widespread fan outrage.

“Now see, all the Dune fans coming out like ‘Well if you had read the book you’d know her character isn’t...’ I don’t want to read the book I want to see Zendaya,” tweeted another fan.

“Gotta give Zendaya credit. She's been working that #Dune promotional tour like someone who had more than five lines in the movie. Attagirl,” wrote another fan.


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