ONTD Investigates: The Allegations of All Time Low's Misconduct

Oct 27, 2021 15:17

Do you remember All Time Low, ONTD? I must admit that my knowledge of them consisted of folding brightly colored tee shirts bearing their name when I worked at Hot Topic, most of which ended up being sold to high school freshman girls and one employee named David who ended up assaulting a number of women.

Which interestingly enough brings us to the subject of this post - Over the past year, allegations against the band All Time Low have been mounting, at first in a trickle and now in a flood, and each allegation is more disturbing than the last. Given the minimal coverage these allegations are getting, I wanted to make a post but since I didn't have much knowledge about the band,  "@lurkurheartout" was kind enough to team with team up with me to co-author this post and provide the vast majority of information.

Content warning for all kinds of assault inside. It gets gnarly. Please proceed with caution if you're sensitive.

For background, if you're not familiar, All Time Low are a pop punk band that formed in the early 2000's - Wikipedia tells me they got their name from a New Found Glory song so... Creeps love creeps, basically. The band has two lead vocalists, and most of the allegations you will hear about revolve around Jack Barakat, though there are reportedly allegations about other members floating around. They have toured with bands such as Fallout Boy, Plain White T's, Metro Station, Yellowcard, and the like. They released a song "Monsters" with Demi Lovato in 2020.

You might also remember Jack Barakat from dating 17 year old Abigail Breslin when he was 25.

Genuinely asking: was @JackBarakat *not* romantically involved with Abigail Breslin when she was 17 and he was 25?

Follow up question: do you *not* see a problem with that? pic.twitter.com/HmlwrRgxMD
- Kelly (@kellyblaus) October 26, 2021

Three days ago, a Twitter account @ atlstatement tweeted their experience with Jack grooming them, which began when she first met him at ten years old. The account was quickly suspended but screenshots were taken, which you can read below.

If you don't wish to read the entire thing, I will summarize the account beneath.

putting screenshots here for anyone who didn’t get to see before the @ atlstatement got suspended pic.twitter.com/GoNN0yTW80
- xoxo Lindsay (@drtyprettylinds) October 25, 2021

- xoxo Lindsay (@drtyprettylinds) October 25, 2021

- xoxo Lindsay (@drtyprettylinds) October 25, 2021

In summary, starting at age ten, the anon began to go to All Time Low concerts, accompanied by her mother. She saw the band a number of times and every time, would win meet and greets with Jack. When she was 15, she began to see the band with a group of friends instead of her mom. This was when Jack began raping her. He would ply her with drugs, which she has never taken before. He began to dm her and allude to letting their relationship become public once she turned 18, if she lost enough weight, which caused her to spiral into an eating disorder. During this time, he began publicly dating Abigail Breslin, which caused the accuser's mental health to further decline. She became reliant on the drugs that Jack was forcing on her and would go into withdrawals. One night, one of his bandmates walked in on her being assaulted. She has tried to come forward before but every time she has, she has been verbally abused by fans and threatened by All Time Low's lawyers. Though she has tried to stay away from him, she admits he is very manipulative and he has asked for forgiveness numerous times.

If you look in that thread, you'll find more about Jack's behavior, including this thread from 2019, which includes information about him harassing 12 and 14 year olds:

cant believe yall are just realizing how creepy jack barakat is lmao
- angel baby (@unwh0retunate) May 29, 2019

This woman made a tiktok where, in the comments (visible in the thread), she said "they literally tried to take my bra for their nasty collection and offered me beers" and "they're not even that punk they write songs about champagne and kids".

for all the people wondering what the all time low allegations are about and if they’re “ cancelled “ or not, this is the tiktok and comments that it’s based on. feel free to make your own judgement

her comments are in the replies. pic.twitter.com/Zv2FTwtakR
- Jake 🤟 (@RainInJuly182) October 10, 2021

After ignoring the allegations for months, the currently on tour band put out this statement where they say... Pretty much what you'd expect.

A statement from the four of us. pic.twitter.com/tazxZAKOkr
- All Time Low (@AllTimeLow) October 25, 2021

Jack himself felt the need to add this bit of nothing for some reason:

While the four of us wrote this statement together, I feel the need to personally refute the claims being made against me and us, as they are 100% false. https://t.co/wa0jwA5TDt
- Jack from MySpace (@JackBarakat) October 25, 2021

Alex, the second lead singer, did a dirty delete of this gem of a reply:

Today, All Time Low's support on their most recent tour, the WOC lead Meet Me At The Altar, has announced they are leaving the tour and good for them!!

We will no longer be performing on the remainder of All Time Low’s fall tour dates. We will be playing these dates below with @nothingnowhere in a few days. We look forward to seeing you all very soon. pic.twitter.com/wdnPPsWssX
- Meet Me @ The Altar 🏅 (@MMATAband) October 27, 2021

So what do you think, ONTD? Do you believe that this pop punk man with a bevy of underage fans and a history of dating underage girls is innocent of misconduct? If so, why does he have a collection of bras he has taken from these underage fans?

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