Foundation 1x04+ renewal news

Oct 09, 2021 19:24

‘Foundation’ Renewed for Season 2 at Apple
- Variety (@Variety) October 7, 2021

Foundation, in maybe a sunk cost decision, has been renewed! It didn't get the best critical reception.

Review: Apple TV+’s beautiful, frustrating "Foundation" is the latest example of the problem with genre TV
- TIME (@TIME) September 24, 2021

This poster is still enamored with the sheer budget on display. But as the review above said Episode 4 shows some great improvement for the the overall flow of the show. The Terminus side of the show is becoming as engaging as the Trantor side. The time jumps in episode 2 and 3 were jarring for people, but it seems to have been in service of having the two stories sync up.


It looks like Gaal is coming back next week. So, would you let Alfred Enoch impregnate you ONTD?

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