Unsolved Mysteries: who is Max Davis?

Sep 07, 2021 07:14

Okay, ONTD detectives, it's time to investigate an unsolved mystery!

In Mindy Kaling's essay Big Shot, she says that in 2016 she spent the holidays with her family in Honolulu. While having Christmas dinner at Duke's in Waikiki, the waiter told her that another celebrity was having dinner at the same restaurant.

She gave this celebrity the pseudonym Max Davis and described him thusly:

Max Davis is a middle-aged, hugely popular A-list actor who is usually snubbed at awards shows but has amassed an enormous fortune churning out movies that literally every American pretends to hate but secretly loves. I loved that about him. Loving Max Davis meant that I wasn’t a snob. Of course, I love my actor’s actors, but it’s not like our Hawaii Christmas dinner was going to get lit up by a Paul Giamatti sighting.

Mindy told the waiter that she wanted to pay for his family's dinner. The waiter warned her that Max Davis was with his family and it was a large group. The bill ended up being $1800. Max Davis left without saying thank you or acknowledging that she had paid for their dinner.

When she returned to Los Angeles after the holidays, there were billboards for his newest movie.

The following Christmas (2017), she went to Conan O'Brien's Christmas party. She was already drunk when she heard Max Davis' voice from across the room, so she started telling Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig about how she paid for his dinner the year before and he never said anything to her about it. Conan overheard her telling this story and got very serious because he is friends with Max Davis and he said that Max not thanking her didn't sound like him. He went across the room to talk to Max about it, at which point Mindy left the party because she was mortified.

She ended up receiving an email apology from Max Davis:

Hey Mindy. I always wanted to thank you for that meal and for some dumb reason I never got to it. Truly sorry for that. Thought it was awesome of you and at the time I was really blown away that you did that. Anyways, sorry that you thought I was a dick. It would appear that way but it was just a case of having stuff going on a lot and being forgetful. Hope I can thank you in person next time I see you and again thank u for being so nice to me and my family.

Other things she mentioned about Max Davis:
  • She, her dad, and her stepmom all loved this celebrity.
  • She grew up watching this celebrity (she was born in 1979).
  • This celebrity may have dogs (she said his $1800 meal probably cost as much as he pays to have his goldendoodles groomed, which may have just been a joke).

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