Review Roundup for THEE film of 2021, "The Green Knight"

Jul 26, 2021 11:38

‘The Green Knight’ review: "This challenging project from David Lowery may ultimately turn out to be more a cult item than a specialty success"
- Screen International (@Screendaily) July 26, 2021

The general consensus's[Spoiler (click to open)]good. Real good.

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL: It ain't for the plebes. Looks real pretty and the score is gonna fuck you up.

THE GREEN KNIGHT: A beautiful, haunting, enigmatic work that stands as a masterpiece of blood, sex and the magic of Dev Patel’s back. David Lowery sticks his neck out here, fully aware some audiences may prefer it cut clean off. Plus there’s a talking fox!
- Barry Hertz (@HertzBarry) July 26, 2021

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: "The production benefits enormously from his choice of leading man.". Swoon.

Reputable organizations beneath the ✂

THE GREEN KNIGHT: holy shit.

i absolutely lost my damn head for David Lowery's medieval epic, a thoroughly modern film that goes so hard it feels like it must've been made 40 years ago. gallop, don't trot.

my review:
- david ehrlich (@davidehrlich) July 26, 2021

INDIEWIRE: Ole boy is just waxing poetic about it. I can't even pick something, but if I'm forced too, how about "a stunning 15 minute finale.", that's exciting, right?

‘The Green Knight’: David Lowery Enthralls With An Epic Feat of Bold Imagination About Human Weakness [Review]
- The Playlist (@YrOnlyHope) July 26, 2021

PLAYLIST: "Costumes that dazzle, particularly in the kingdom where crowns and capes abound, seem modern in aesthetic and thus carry an elegance that isn’t distant but more within reach. " They do look super pretty.

Dev Patel in David Lowery’s ‘The Green Knight’: Film Review
- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 26, 2021

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Lowery is a gifted visual storyteller and this textured canvas of greys, greens, browns and other earth tones is perhaps his most sumptuous work to date."

‘The Green Knight’ Review: Dev Patel is a Fellowship of One in David Lowery’s Somberly Majestic Medieval Death Trip
- Variety (@Variety) July 26, 2021

VARIETY: A bit of a sleepy, somber ritual - but in a real good way.

Probably my favorite quote besides the very ending of this out of any review - "The wizards of A24, the hipster distribution company, have cut a bedazzling trailer out of “The Green Knight,” to the point that a friend asked me if she should take a bunch of 10-year-olds to it for a birthday party."

It has been 532 days since the first trailer, but finally, at long last, "The Green Knight" is out in theaters this the US. Distribution WW is kind of up in the air.

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