DC writers/creators discuss the hot mess that was The New52 reboot

Jul 06, 2021 17:47

ICYMI: DC Comics Creators Discuss The New 52, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly #dccomics #new52 #comics https://t.co/UYx1xwzWL5
- Bleeding Cool (@bleedingcool) July 6, 2021

-For those of you who don't know/remember, back in 2011, DC Comics/Dan Didio decided that they needed to revamp their main universe

-Out was majority of their continuity and characterization of characters that they built up from the fallout of Crisis On Infinite Earths and In was younger versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, condensed history of 5 years into most of their careers, etc....and new romances like Superman/Wonder Woman finally becoming a couple.

-The writers were given next to no information regarding the revamp, just that it was a general Year 1 for a lot of heroes.

-Gail Simone was offered to write the Birds of Prey reboot but turned it down after DC editors came to her with a horrible pitch that made no sense.

-Batgirl/Barbara Gordon was banned from wearing glasses, being a librarian, and having her own secret lair. Gail revealed that she had to fight off editorial ideas that were awful such as using magic to heal Barbaras paralysis.

-Marc Bernadin had a horrible experience while writing Static Shock. He was supposed to take over the series with issue 8 and was influenced by Buffy The Vampire Slayer wherein Static would be in high school, have a core set of scoobies that new his secret as a superhero, etc..DC canceled the book before his first issue ever came out which resulted in him only writing 2 issues of the comic.

-Kate Kane aka Batwoman was due to have a big lesbian wedding to Maggie Sawyer but DC banned their heroes from being married as Dan Didio believed that heroes couldnt be happy and have personal lives.

-Overall a lot of the writers did end up enjoying New52 to a degree as it allowed them to do new things with characters, work with top talent, and it was some of their first major gigs but with editorial not having a clear thought out plan made things messy.

-New52 was a success at the time with it giving DC a massive boost in sales and forcing other publishers to up their game.


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