Jafar S**r Says What Many of Us Are Feeling

Jun 15, 2021 23:33

Darlings, i know we don't like him but in this video he is saying what many of us have been experiencing but are too scared to say out loud.

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-He's selling the house, he says it's too big and he's really lonely.

-Losing the love of your life pre-pandemic sucks. But it's time to focus on "me" and inner happiness.

-He didn't ask for help (emotional) but then started therapy.

-"Should i be alive?" Contemplated their mistakes and what was terrible behaviour.

This is a conversation that could be healing for many. The pandemic has been hard for everyone, and not many of us managed to properly process it emotionally. Let's talk.

ONTD, did you emotionally process 2020? Did you find inner peace? How are you doing?

Source: https://youtu.be/iKZaw4wFaZI

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