Celebrate Manchester music, Factory Records at the 'Use Hearing Protection' museum exhibit

Jun 08, 2021 19:13

Experience the passion, the innovation, and the revolutionary ideas of one of Manchester's most influential record labels.

Use Hearing Protection: the early years of Factory Records opens on 19 June.

Book your tickets now: https://t.co/Z5SEhTEvn7 pic.twitter.com/iOykgfruNX
- Science and Industry Museum (@sim_manchester) June 2, 2021

-Celebrate Factory Records' formative years and see artefacts from Joy Division, New Order, and more
-Create your own tracks with a synthesizer and mixing desk
-Takes place from June 19-January 3

ONTDers of Manchester, if you go, please make an Original with your findings!


But actually, ONTD, wear earplugs when you go to a concert!

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