ONTD Original: Who the Hell Is This?

Apr 17, 2021 01:12

On the Subreddit Tip of My Tongue, where users ask for help to look for names of movies, books, and more. Celebrities do pop up, mainly in the, 'Who is this actor/actress? They look like X but sadder' variety.

πŸ” SET UP. πŸ”
Reddit user TontsaH has a more interesting problem to bring up to the subreddit, however - On April 14, 2021, TontsaH posted a picture of a set of curtains they owned. It's patterned with celebrities famous in the early to mid-2000s. All of them have been documented/recognized except for this one:

Full image found here.

A gallery of the identified stars/celeberties can be found here ranging from Adriana Lima, Josh Holloway, and Ian Somerhalder. Not only that but most of them have also been paired with the same photo that was used as a reference/trace for the fabric. So the user is asking for not only the name of the celebrity (who I will now call Mystery Celeb) but is asking, if possible, to pair it with the same picture the image is from.

As of the time of this writing, over a hundred and fifty names, both male and female celebrities, were given from reasonable (Denise Richards) to alright.... (Keanu Reeves) to r u fucking with me (Amanda Knox) but nothing conclusive yet. This post is my attempt to lay out the 'clues' we have, my suspects, and hopefully, generate either

A) Discussion to suss this out
B) Enough nagging interest that this will bother you guys in the back of your heads for days to come. This has been bothering me since I stumbled across it and I will not be alone in this.

πŸ” CLUES. πŸ”
- Obviously: Famous around the early-to-mid 2000s.
- Obviously: Has a strong jaw and sharp features.
- Obviously: This is a promotional shot or a headshot for a public event, as the images had to be free domainish for the fabric company to yoink and use. Can't be from a screencap or a still for a movie or TV show.

- Maybe: Most likely stemming from television programs as their first source of popularity. (Which means ignoring Orland Bloom or acknowledging how he is an outlier in this group.)
- Maybe: Perhaps another star of Lost since Josh Holloway and Ian Somerhalder, both known for that show prior to their other successes, got their first notice from it.
- Maybe: An actress since it looks like they're wearing makeup (eyeliner and maybe lipstick). Compare the faces of this Mystery Celeb with Adriana Lima versus, say, Travis Fimmel.
- Maybe: Personally, I'm leaning to photoshoot if only due to how the actress is facing the camera and seems to be heavily stylized and posing. Again, compare the photo of Adriana Lima (an obvious photoshoot) to that of Travis Fimmel (a publicity shot for an event he attended) for reference.


Evangeline Lilly.

βœ… Gained notice for her role as Kate Austen in Lost - The same show of Josh Holloway and Ian Somerhalder.
βœ… Sharp strong features and her ears stick out like Mystery Celeb.
βœ… Her character, Kate Austen, and her hair go through Quite a Bit in Lost so if anyone has the photos that has the hair in that state it'll be her.

❎ Eyebrows seem too thin compared to the photo.
❎ Kate Austen doesn't wear makeup that's That Obvious as seems to be indicated on Mystery Celeb.
❎ I LOOKED through a lot of sites and galleries for her anything close to this and nothing so far.

Rhona Mitra.

βœ… Gained notice on The Practice/Boston Legal as Tara Wilson in the early 2000s.
βœ… Sharp features. Eye shape matches that one on Mystery Celeb.
βœ… Was in an action movie Doomsday in 2008 so maybe the look of Mystery Celeb is for a promo for it?

❎ Ears do not stick out like Mystery Celeb from what I've seen.
❎ Eyebrows are too thin again. The early 2000s' makeup trends were not kind to the actresses' brows, you guys.
❎ Snooping of 2000s photoshoots and pictures has revealed no results for the last few days.

Kate Bosworth.

βœ… First gained notice from Blue Crush in 2002. Peaked in 2006 when she played Lois Lane for Superman Returns.
βœ… Very strong and sharp features. Appearance is striking as Mystery Celeb, in my opinion.
βœ… Ears stick out like Mystery Celeb.

❎ Ear shape isn't quite like that of Mystery Celeb.
❎ I feel like the fabric would have at least tried to reference her heterochromia?
❎ Quickly faded from obscurity compared to the other celebs identified on the curtains and my choices. Seriously - What has she been up to?

'[TOMT] Who is this celebrity/famous person on my curtains?'
My own snooping powers.

Who do you think it is, ONTD? or Do you have something you can almost recall but can't put remember what it is exactly to your frustrations, ONTD?

Added: Fixed the size issue for all images to be safe than sorry, mods. Sorry about that. I also fixed some word + HMTL fuckery that passed me the first time around.

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