ONTD Original: 6 Songs from TV/Film I Want on Streaming RIGHT NOW

Jan 16, 2021 16:58

The other day, we were talking about Buffy as many of us do here perhaps way too often. And I realized that I really love the version of "Goodbye to You" that Michelle Branch does on one episode. Why isn't it on streaming services?

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Hear me out. Because TV is so finnicky, it was likely recorded and mixed in full. I doubt it was live. And she was proud enough of the result if she allowed it to air (which is a reason I respect for not releasing to streaming). So, it's just sitting somewhere, unreleased. Put it out! Make some nostalgia money!

So I thought of other examples that I know were fully produced for TV or film that would be awesome to have on streaming. Here are 5 more songs that I want on Spotify right now please!

Also, I acknowledge that I can rip these songs and put them on Spotify, but that is too confusing and they would be weird quality. Anyway, let me quickly break down the above.

The song: Michelle Branch - "Goodbye to You" (Buffy Version)
  • Debut medium: A super sad episode of the Buffy TV Show
  • Why we want it: To put on our sad and nostalgic playlists (this goes double for lesbians I would assume)
  • Availability on physical media: There were like 5 Buffy CDs, none of them had any Branch on them.
  • Availability on Spotify: There is an Unplugged version on Spotify that is very similar. Audiophiles with perfect pitch and tone like me notice the subtle differences. It will do, but it's got some weird stuff going on near the end.

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The song: Beyoncé - "A Woman Like Me"
  • Debut medium: Pink Panther Movie
  • Why we want it: This is one of my favorite Beyoncé vocals. It's dramatic and sultry and we need more songs about being difficult to love.
  • Availability on physical media: It does not appear that this song was released on the Pink Panther OST, though the above video I believe is available on the DVD.
  • Availability on Spotify: Nope. This Beyoncé era is spotty on Spotify. "Work It Out" and "Check On It" are both there, but "A Woman Like Me" and "Hey Goldmember" are missing. They could all be on Tidal, but I've not yet met a single person with access to that service so we may never know.

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The song: Robyn - "Honey" (Girls Version)
  • Debut medium: Girls TV Show (over the credits once, I didn't even have to watch the episode)
  • Why we want it: Listen, it was a rough time for the gays before this came out. Tr*mp was recently put in office. We needed something to get us off the couch and back into the dark room sex swings at the clubs and warehouses. And the hope that Robyn was finally releasing new music was the spark that got many men and femmes to douche for the first time in 2017.
  • Availability on physical media: Looks like there were two Girls soundtracks and this was not on any of them
  • Availability on Spotify: Not available but there are like 7 other versions of "Honey" on Spotify. I believe the Girls Version was a demo that was never fully mixed past 2 minutes. That version did leak in full in 2019, so just leak it onto your Spotify uploader, Robyn!

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The song: Jamelia - "Stop" (Full Version)
  • Debut medium: Bridget Jones Part Deux: The Edge of Reason (The One with Lesbian Kissing) Movie
  • Why we want it: Curiosity, mostly. Let me explain. This is a cover of a Sam Brown song, which has an additional verse to the version that Jamelia released. However, the part of the song used in the movie itself was from the verse cut from the Jamelia song. I don't know if the song would be better longer but this is fascinating to me.
  • Availability on physical media: The short version of the song was on the OST as well as on Jamelia's records.
  • Availability on Spotify: Same as physical media.

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The song: Christina Aguilera "I Will Remember You"
  • Debut medium: Yearly Departed TV Special
  • Why we want it: Christina is so understated here. It's a beautiful cover. And, like most, while I am against putting more money in Bezos' pockets, but I am radically pro-putting coins in Sarah McLachlan's coin purse.
  • Availability on physical media: Nah.
  • Availability on Spotify: Nope. Christina's last song on Spotify is a 2020 English cover of her 2000 hit "Mi Reflejo."

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The song: Jewel - "All By Myself"
  • Debut medium: Clueless Movie
  • Why we want it: It's a great cover (originally by Eric Carmen)! Maybe it was overshadowed by Celine Dion's cover put out around the same time, or maybe Jewel didn't like soundtracking a scene where a character debates their feelings around incest. But, whatever, I appreciate what you do Jewel and I'd love to hear the full version!
  • Availability on physical media: There was a Clueless OST but this song is missing from it.
  • Availability on Spotify: Not included on Jewel's most recent release, a four CD 25th anniversary re-release of her debut album.

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ONTD: Can you think of any? I have 6 or 7 left for a Part 2, including an ONTD fave, somebody who was banned here, and a Glee song.

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