Jason Sudeikis Hopes Ex Olivia Wilde Will ‘Snap Out of It’ Amid Harry Styles Romance

Jan 15, 2021 18:23

So how's Jason Sudeikis feeling about ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde's whirlwind romance with Harry Styles? 👀 Exclusive details: https://t.co/WcCZDA3yxS
- Us Weekly (@usweekly) January 13, 2021

A source says: “Jason’s had no option but to step back and let Olivia do her thing, but he [has his fingers crossed] that this is just a phase and that Olivia will snap out of it or that Harry will get bored and move on before too long.”

“He’s desperate to” win Wilde back so that they can “repair their family.”


does this just read to anyone else like jason is planting stories to make her feel guilty for moving on?

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