ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching - US Presidential Edition

Nov 02, 2020 19:00

DarlingsSss, i know today is a stressful day for many of us so today's rec is about the best branch of the US gov ever represented on tv: Parks & Rec!

The best corner of the Internet. pic.twitter.com/2jBxI2QeP2
- Parks and Recreation (@parksandrec) June 24, 2020

This cute, funny, wee show is a great comfort watch when everything is going to shit. The world has been a colossal dumpster fire, and we could all use a bit of Chris Traeger enthusiasm, and a friend like Leslie Knope.

What is it about?
The most interesting and at times ridiculous branch of government in the fictional city of Pawnee.

Why should i watch it?
Because if you don't lil sebastian will be sad.
It's really well written, characters are well developed, and because today of all days we need to believe that there are people in government who genuinely care about the people.

Where can I watch it?
-Amazon Prime

US ONTD members, how are you feeling? What will you watch tonight? Are you ready for the results? Favourite P&R gif?


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