‘Mrs. Maisel’ Creator On Criticisms Of Midge’s Parenting

Jul 02, 2020 17:10

#AmyShermanPalladino has "no patience" for criticisms of the lack of parenting on #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel https://t.co/xcMRA2PngW
- ET Canada (@ETCanada) July 1, 2020

Amy Sherman-Palladino doesn’t care what people think of Midge Maisel’s parenting skills
Aabout the criticism that Midge doesn’t pay enough attention to her children while pursuing stand-up.

“No, I never give a shit about that, especially when you’re dealing with women characters. I have no patience for that shit whatsoever. I never saw one person say dick about Don Draper in ‘Mad Men’ not hanging out with his kids. So fuck that shit. These kids have two sets of grandparents who dote on them, and they have a father that’s there all the time. If this woman has to go out on the road to make a living, fuck you if you have an issue with that. And I mean that with all the love in my heart.”


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