ONTD Original: The Most Overrated TV Show

May 31, 2020 13:58

There's going to be some reading, click the cut for buttons and voting things.

What is the definition of overrated? The trust women of Merriam Webster view it thusly: "rated or valued too highly". Say, shows that get Emmys for canned laughter and a lot of naked female chests. Merriam, what's popular in your opinion? "commonly liked or approved". Hmm, maybe I should have asked for nominations on two categories: Why Doesn't The General Public Have Taste versus What Does This Show Have To Do For Reviewers To Hop Off Their Dicks.

ONTD does seem to agree on which show imploded hardest: Game of Thrones! Let's just start calling it A Song of Ice and Fire again and complain about the continuously absent books, shall we?

Anyway, for ONTD Most Overrated TV-Show (2020) it's the sexist, racist, bar-is-below-the-ground humour, white, ableist and fatphobic The Big Bang Theory versus (ohcrapIneverwatchedthisshow) white, racist, Lena Dunham-involved Girls. Share your opinion.

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For those that are disappointed by their fellow jackals, here are all the sixteen origineel nominees, pretty much alphabetically. SET THINGS RIGHT (BECAUSE THIS IS SPARTA)

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But wait words, didn't you take suggestions? What happened to those! Pfffrt, you ever had anyone do something with your suggestions?

For the third(!) poll in this post, please share your preferences for follow up to ONTD Most Overrated TV-show:
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I like to thank y'all for playing.

Sources: me, you, merriam-webster and creativecommons.org

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