Global Citizen: Together at Home Preshow Performances

Apr 18, 2020 23:29

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-Global Citizen held a 6 hour pre show that included Liam Payne, Niall Horan,ellie goulding, Rita Ora, Hozier,Adam lambert, the killers, Annie lennox, Jennifer Hudson and more.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

We're doing just fine after @thekillers. ⚡️

⭕We can all do our part to
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pretensetious April 19 2020, 04:27:24 UTC

ichabod_crake April 19 2020, 04:36:06 UTC
ANNIE LENNOX AND HER DAUGHTER!!!!!....................


emmy0001 April 19 2020, 12:13:35 UTC
I am crying! That duet was amazing!


vandthemoon April 19 2020, 04:37:56 UTC
Jennifer Hudson’s performance of Hallelujah had me very close to tears earlier. I didn’t see Memory earlier but I’m sure it will too lol. I love The Bones. Rita and Liam sounded really good. Adam sounded great, of course, but something about the way he was acting in the Mad World video was killing me. Jessie J was cracking me up during Bang Bang (I haven’t watched the other video). I caught the end of SuperM, they were cute. I can’t help myself, I do love Niall.


wickedground April 19 2020, 04:49:40 UTC
Annie Lennox's daughter has a great voice, wow.


ghettoluvpr April 19 2020, 04:51:41 UTC
Jennifer Hudson sounded amazing, but also was doing too much all at the same time. Hallelujah is already a long ass song, it doesn't need to be extended any longer with a bunch of drawn out runs. That being said I'd buy a full-length studio version of it.


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