ONTD Original: Celebs I Thought Were the Same Person

Jan 06, 2020 08:02

I've mixed up a lot of celebrities in my time due to indifference, stupidity, and (in most cases) ignorance. This list includes 30 examples of times I didn't realize two celebrities were completely different people.

[Beware: image heavy]

Freddie Prinze Jr. & Jesse Bradford
These two are the inspiration for this post because I only recently learned that they're two different people. Oops. I really thought Freddie Prinze Jr. was in Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst.

Kacey Musgraves & Samantha Robinson

I legitimately thought country singer Kacey Musgraves was occasionally an actress in indie films and who dressed like "her" character from The Love Witch in real life as well. Regardless, at least I know Kacey appreciates the 1960s fashion/aesthetic too.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem
I think this is a common mistake so I'll give myself a pass. I just know one dies in every movie he's in and the other is Penelope Cruz's husband and a bond villain.

Amy Adams & Jenna Fischer
I didn't watch The Office while it was actually airing so I didn't see the episodes where Amy guest-starred. I just figured Amy Adams got her big break on The Office.

Vivien Leigh & Gene Tierney
This is embarrassing. As a kid I used to ask my grandmother who was who when we were watching their old movies. It wasn't until I really started appreciating Vivien's work that I was able to tell them apart. And, besides, no one can beat Vivien's bitchface (although Gene's certainly comes close).

Adam Brody & Andy Samberg
I can tell them apart now but definitely not in the mid- to late-2000s when I thought Adam was cast in Saturday Night Live. I also sometimes confused Adam with Penn Badgley.

Chelsea Handler & Elizabeth Banks
Again, I'm pretty sure this is a common mistake. I didn't learn they were different people until I joined ONTD. Would maybe be able to tell them apart in a line-up but don't hold your breath.

Jennifer Connelly & Demi Moore
Another common one, I think. I blame their face shape. It's probably a 50% chance that I'll guess them correctly on the first try if someone were to quiz me.

Zach Braff & Dax Shepard
Still don't know who is who unless there is a name attached to their photo. One is married to Kristen Bell. The other is currently dating Florence Pugh, who is much younger than he is.

Will Ferrell & Chad Smith
I don't know why I thought Will Ferrell also plays the drums in the Red Hot Chili Peppers but, well. At least I know I'm not the only one who has thought this since this is a common mistake as well. Will and Chad appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and acknowledged their resemblance.

Michelle Pfeiffer & Virna Lisi
I'm pretty sure this is when we knew I needed corrective lenses. I can't explain to you why I thought Michelle Pfeiffer was also a 1960's Italian starlet as a kid, but I did. And when I found out they were different actresses, I thought Michelle was Virna's daughter instead. Obviously I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Katharine McPhee & Sophia Bush
Theoretically I know they're different women but I wouldn't be able to tell who was who unless their names were attached to their pictures. I do know Katharine is married to 70-year-old David Foster. I just couldn't tell you which one was Katharine.

Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice
Looking back, I'm not sure why I thought the star from Victorious was also the star on The Vampire Diaries. Scheduling-wise and contractually, I doubt it would've worked out. But who cares about logic?

Tom Hardy & Logan Marshall Green
I remember watching Prometheus and The Invitation and wondering why Tom Hardy wasn't doing his usual grunting thing. Turns out, he was not in either film.

Ben Stiller & Adam Sandler
While I was growing up, these dudes seemed to be in every comedy movie ever. Theoretically, I knew they were different people but I would always forget the other existed until their name popped up again. They look nothing alike but I still thought they were the same person.

Britney Spears & Jessica Simpson
This is probably the most embarrassing one since I was a Britney fan since she debuted. But, hey, I was a kid who never paid attention to the media until middle school and apparently needed corrective lenses. Whenever the Newlyweds show was on, I would ask if Jessica was Britney. I did this multiple times. Again, not the brightest crayon in the box.

Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley
I'm not the only one who recognized their similarities since Hollywood cast Keira to play Natalie's decoy in a Star Wars movie. Again, these ladies had big projects coming out around the time I was growing up so while I knew of their names I couldn't really tell them apart.

Christina Aguilera & Gwen Stefani
Literally only around the time they dressed like pin-up girls, I got them confused. Apparently being skinny and having platinum blonde hair, fake tans, and red lipstick are all you need for me to mix you up.

Stephen Dillane & Michael McElhatton
Can you understand how confused I was when a friend tried to make me watch Game of Thrones back in the day? A lot of the characters looked the same to me but in an effort to keep this original short(ish) and not make this a GoT post, I'm just sticking to the guys who play Stannis Baratheon and Roose Bolton.

Lily James & Daisy Ridley
One was in Disney's live action Cinderella and the other was in Disney's Star Wars. Can't tell you which one, though.

Gerard Butler & Russell Crowe
Lmao. Other than being white men, I don't know why I confused them. I think it's because they were both in some big movies that I watched while growing up and I just never cared to differentiate them from each other.

Kate Beckinsale & Milla Jovovich
Not only did I believe Kate and Milla were the same person, I thought the Resident Evil and Underworld movies were a part of the same franchise. I never watched the films when they were released so I just assumed, okay?

Jennifer Lawrence & Haley Bennett
I was watching Kristy and I remember thinking, "wow, Jennifer Lawrence does budget horror movies?" (which, yes, she did do one but it wasn't this one).

Tana Mongeau & Stassie Karanikolaou
For whatever reason, I genuinely thought Kylie Jenner replaced her BFF Jordyn Woods with a YouTuber. Wouldn't really put it past her. I don't know a lot about YouTubers and "influencers" so they're all kind of just interchangeable to me. I also confused Tana with Miley Cyrus's little sister Noah Cyrus.

Leighton Meester & Minka Kelly
I can't be the only one who would mix Leighton and Minka up since Hollywood ended up making a horror movie with the two of them called The Roommate based loosely off the premise that they look alike and one was obsessed with the other.

Gemma Ward & Amanda Seyfried
I was convinced the girl from Mean Girls and Mamma Mia! was a mermaid in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Cary Grant & James Stewart
I still can't tell them apart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gillian Anderson & Vera Farmiga
I watched The Conjuring in theaters and sincerely thought Gillian was in it. Idk guys. They don't even have similar bone structure. And this is coming from someone who likes The X-Files. You'd think I would be able to tell that Vera isn't Gillian.

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel
You know how every pop star seems to dabble in acting? I thought Katy, who became famous in 2008 after releasing "I Kissed a Girl", was in 2009's 500 Days of Summer.

Shane Dawson & Onision
I don't know a lot about these two, just that they're both controversial and very problematic YouTubers. One has a makeup collaboration with Jeffree Star, and although I know it's Shane . . . which one is Shane? Again, I can only tell them apart if their names are attached to their pictures/videos.

SOURCES: me + Google images

ONTD, have you ever mixed up celebrities?

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