'Doctor Who' recap about tonight's HUGE twist 😱😱😱 + 12x02 Promo

Jan 01, 2020 23:04

My recap of tonight’s premiere episode. Be warned: Spoilers Sweetie! #DoctorWho https://t.co/ibLNZD5YsN
- Ani Bundel (@anibundel) January 2, 2020

- Doctor Who delivered one of the biggest twist since the last few years in tonight's first half of a two parter.
- Our jaws dropped when a [Spoilers sweetie][Seriously, spoilers! click only if youre sure][Last warning!!!]former friend of the doctor is revealed to be the Master, who kidnaps the doctor and leaves the companions on a freefalling plane.
- Spyfall, Part 2 airs this sunday.

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ONTD, were you expecting that cliffhanger??

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