The Real Discuss Selling Bad Gifts Plus A Survey Reveals The Worst Christmas Gifts

Dec 22, 2019 20:05

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The Real discuss if selling, exchanging or re-gifting Christmas gifts is okay? Loni admits she sells gifts Tamera gives her, and phew, Tam is offended. OP decided to further expand on the subject by searching for data on the most unwanted gifts. According to a recent survey by, more than half of Americans (61%) will face disappointment of receiving an unwanted gift.

[Survey Asks: What are the worst Christmas Gifts?]Worst Gifts:
1. No such thing as a bad gift (30%)
2. Shower Gel (23%)
3. Popcorn (23%)
4. Socks (22%)
5. Lotion Basket (20%)
6. Coffee Mug (19%)
7. Hard Liquor (19%)
8. Tea (18%)
9. Candle (15%)
10. Photo Calendar (15%)
11. Coffee (13%)

Least-desirable gifts:
Clothing and accessories (43%)
Household items (20%)
Cosmetics and fragrances (12%)
Literature (8%)

Most-returned gifts:
Board games
Toiletries and fragrances
Celebrity cook books
Christmas sweaters
Fitness DVDs
Selfie sticks

According to the survey, 31% of people just hold on to the unwanted gift, followed by another 31% who plan to re-gift it and another 20% who plan to exchange the gift.

Who gives the worst gifts? Friends remain the biggest culprits of unwanted gifts. 23% of Americans said that their friends give them the worst presents. Coming in second place are mother and fathers-in-law with 14%.

Best bet for a Christmas gift nearly anyone will love? Gift cards. A safe bet for those who want to ensure their holiday presents aren’t unwanted, re-gifted or returned.

You can read more thorough survey results at the second and third source. Happy holidays! :)

ONTD, what are some of the worst and best gifts you’ve received during the holidays?

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